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[Notice] 'Exercise Demonstration' Update! 2018/10/02

Exercise Demonstration


Date & Time: Oct. 19 (Fri), 10:20-10:40(20') /  15:45-16:05(20')

Venue: Hall B2, COEX

Lecturer:  Heui Yung Lee, M.D.

Gyeongju New Millennium Hospital

Board certified family physician, Korean Academy of Family Medicine

Specialist in sports medicine, The Korean Society of Sports Medicine

Completed residency training in Asan Medical Center




Four domains of physical activity are important to maintain physical function and prevent sarcopenia in the elderly population. These are balance, stretching, cardiovascular exercise and strength exercise. Although people know that physical activity is essential for better health, not many people actually engage in regular physical activity. Lack of willingness, limitation in time and space may all be the reason for lack of physical activity. However, it is apparent that regular physical activity will change one’s life in a positive way. Therefore, family physicians should encourage their patients to engage in physical activity and maintain a healthy life. This exercise demonstration will introduce exercises using one’s body weight, which do not require certain equipment and minimize time and spatial restrictions. These activities are practical, easy to follow, and also very important.