Site Visit

Site visit courses are fully booked. Thank you for your applications.
The WONCA 2018 Seoul Site Visit Program not only provides the chance to observe techniques and facilities of Korean institutions, but also gives the opportunity to look around Seoul. Ultimately, we hope that this program will promote active international collaboration.

The Organizing Committee will match you to the institutes listed below. If applicants converge toward a few institutions, you might be allocated to another schedule or other institute operated on the same date.
If you have questions about the Site Visit Program, please send an email. (

How to Participate

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Find institutions and programs from the list below Click the application button and check your desired institution and itinerary If accepted, you will receive a confirmation email from the secretariat

General Information

1. The programs are offered free of charge only to WONCA 2018 Seoul participants who complete the registration fee payment.

2. Applications should be made through the website.

3. A person can choose multiple programs if the schedules don’t overlap.

4. If a program exceeds the maximum enrollment capacity, it will be closed early. The application is available on a first come, first served basis.

5. If your application is accepted, you will receive a confirmation email from the secretariat in September.

6. Transportation and an English-speaking guide at institutes are included. Applicants are requested to gather at COEX. Further details will be announced to accepted applicants by email.

Site Visit Schedule

No. Categoty Institutes Pax Oct. 17 (Wed) Oct. 18 (Thu) Oct. 19 (Fri)
10:30-11:30 15:00-16:00 10:30-11:30 15:00-16:00 10:30-11:30 15:00-16:00

University Hospital

Asan Medical Center 16          
2 Severance Hospital 15        
3 Soonchunhyang University Hospital 10        

General Hospital

Veterans Health Service Medical Center 3          
5 Private Clinic Bitsam Family Practice 5      
6 EoKwangSoo Medical Center 10          

- Meeting Point: COEX

- Further details will be announced to accepted applicants by email.

List of Centers

1. Asan Medical Center (Department of Family Medicine)
Date & Time Oct. 19 (Fri), 10:30-11:30 Pax 8
Website Address 88, Olympic-ro 43-gil, Songpa-gu, Seoul
Institute Introduction Asan Medical Center, now the largest hospital in Korea, has been chosen as the nation’s most admired hospital for the last 12 consecutive years. More than 240 patients visit the Department of Family Medicine daily. The hospital has special clinics including a lifetime health maintenance clinic, smoking cessation clinic, obesity clinic and cancer survivorship clinic. Participants will be briefed about the Department of Family Medicine in the conference room and then visit the outpatient clinic and International Healthcare Center.

10:30             Arrival at Hospital (Please make your own transportation arrangements)

10:30-11:00  Welcome Greetings, Introduction, and Q&A

11:00-11:20  Visit and Rounds

11:20-11:30  Photo Time

11:30             Closing

2. Severance Hospital (Department of Family Medicine)
Date & Time 1) Oct. 17 (Wed), 10:30-11:30
2) Oct. 19 (Fri), 15:00-16:00
Pax 15
Website Address 50-1, Yonsei-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul
Institute Introduction Severance Hospital founded modern medical science in Korea with the establishment of Kwang Hye Won in 1885 by missionary doctor Dr. Horace N. Allen and has been serving the national health for the last 130 years as the leading organization in Korea. The Department of Family Medicine of the Yonsei University Health System is regarded as the birth of family medicine in Korea.

1996.10.10  Selected as the most outstanding medical school in the first national survey of medical schools.

1993.03.08  A Patient Bill of Rights was established and proclaimed

1994.07.01  Opening of the Yonsei Friendship Hospital in the Mongolian People Republic

1995.11.01  The name Severance was approved as a registered trademark and obtained patent rights

1999.11.22  Received the first prize of Korea Innovative Management Index in hospital service by the Korea Management
Association Consultants

2007.05.02  Accredited by Joint Commission International


15:00             Arrive at Hospital

15:00-15:10  Welcome Greetings

15:10-15:40  Introduction of the Institute

15:40-15:50  Q&A

15:50-16:10  Rounds and Photo Time

16:10             Introduction of the Department and Q&A

3. Soonchunhyang University Hospital (Department of Family Medicine)
Date & Time 1) Oct. 17 (Wed), 10:30-11:30
2) Oct. 18 (Thu), 10:30-11:30
Pax 5
Website Address 59, Daesagwan-ro (657 Hannam-dong), Yongsan-gu, Seoul
Institute Introduction SCH is an academic medical center located in Hannam (near Itaewon), in Seoul, Korea. We have a special department, the International Health Care Center (IHC), which is dedicated to providing care to patients who visit our hospital from around the world. Every year, we care for over 20,000 people from nearly 170 different countries. IHC staff is specialized in caring for international patients; coordinators and Interpreters are native speakers and certified healthcare interpreters. Coordinators are familiar with all countries and languages, and are experts at guiding patients throughout their visit. IHC helps patients with all the details of their travel and care, so they can focus on healing.

10:00             Hospital Arrival

10:00-10:10  Welcome Greetings

10:10-10:40  Introduction of the Hospital

10:40-11:00  Q&A

11:00-11:20  Rounds and Photo Time
(Health Promotion Center → Outpatient Clinic (International Clinic-Gastrointestinal Center-Pediatrics-OBGYN) → Delivery Room → Neonatal Room → Emergency Department)

4. Veterans Health Service Medical Center (Department of Family Medicine)
Date & Time Oct. 19 (Fri), 10:30-11:30 Pax 3
(Website is only available in Korean)
Address 53, Jinhwangdo-ro 61-gil, Gangdong-gu, Seoul
Institute Introduction The Veterans Health Service Medical Center (VHS) was established in 1841 to improve veterans and their family’s health and well-being by providing exceptional health care. VHS is one of the largest national care hospitals in Korea (1400 beds), providing a wide range of services including a cancer center, cardiovascular center, rehabilitation center and nursing hospital (400 beds), serving 1.5 million enrolled veterans each year.
In addition to primary care, the Department of Family Medicine also takes care of terminally ill patients and provides comprehensive, integrated health care services in the hospice center (28 beds), the first selected national hospice center in the Republic of Korea.
The outpatient clinic provides annual health check-ups, vaccinations, smoking cessation program, and weight management program, as well as care for acute illnesses and chronic diseases. Also, treatment for cancer-associated symptoms; pain, anxiety, malnutrition, nausea and depression, etc. are offered on an outpatient basis.
This program includes a visit to the outpatient clinic of the Family Medicine Department and rounding the hospice ward. Our visit program will be a great chance to experience the public health system of the Republic of Korea.

10:30-10:40  Welcome greetings and introduction of participants

10:40-11:00  Hospital introduction and Q & A

11:00-11:30  Visit and rounding (hospice center & FM outpatient clinic)

11:30             Photo Time and Closing

5. Bitsam Family Practice
Date & Time 1) Oct. 17 (Wed), 10:30-11:30
2) Oct. 17 (Wed), 15:00-16:00
Pax 5
(Website is only available in Korean)
Address 80, Jungdae-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul
Institute Introduction In my clinic, you will see how I approach patients with stress-related disorders (like FD) and chronic pain syndrome in a primary care setting. I use many principles and techniques, most of which come from mind/body integrative medicine, for diagnosis and treatment.
When I meet patients with functional dyspepsia, I examine them, not only with a questionnaire of bowel function and gastroduodenoscope, but also with a questionnaire of stress response, physiological stress profile like heart rate variability and sometimes gut microbiome assay. Balancing the gut-brain axis and retraining autonomic nerve function by biofeedback is a part of the treatment. For patients with chronic pain, I usually apply nearly the same methods to diagnose and treat them. Particularly, visitors will see an infrared thermography machine and techniques like prolotherapy and nutritional counseling for pain.

10:30             Arrival at Hospital

10:30-10:40  Welcome Greetings and Introduction

10:40-11:00  Introduction of the Clinic

11:00-11:10  Q&A

11:10-11:30  Rounds and Photo Time

11:30             Closing

6. EMC (EoKwangSoo Medical Center)
Date & Time Oct. 17 (Wed), 10:30-11:30 Pax 10
(Website is only available in Korean)
Address 8, Achasan-ro 69-gil, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul
Institute Introduction EMC is a community-based healthcare facility that has been caring for local residents since 1998.
The team of experienced healthcare practitioners and staff at EMC are committed to providing quality family medical care.

We provide general practice, cosmetic procedures, healthcare check-ups, and pain management.

- General Practice: Provides general practice services for chronic illnesses like hypertension, diabetes, osteoporosis, thyroid disease.

We also provide geriatric medicine, vaccinations, obesity clinic, and smoking cessation clinic.

- Health check-up: The aim of health check-ups is to prevent or find diseases in the initial stages. We take a patient’s medical history during the health check, and do tests including blood test gastrointestinal endoscopy, mammography, sonography, and pap smear.

- Cosmetic Procedure: We provide cosmetic skin care consultation. Laser procedures, muscle relaxing cosmetic injections and chemical peels are offered.

- Pain management: Offers assessment, management services and programs for patients experiencing persisting pain.

- Fluid and Nutrition Therapy: We provide nutritional support by intravenous fluid injection for chronic fatigue, acute illness, and febrile conditioned patients.


10:30             Arrival at Hospital

10:40-10:50  Welcome Greeting and Introduction

10:50-11:20  Rounds and Observation of Operations

11:20-11:30  Photo Time

11:30             Closing